segunda-feira, 29 de março de 2010


The colossal moral beating and criminal that the rendered crazy couple suffered, Nardoni, has its reason of being. It treason the Brazilian middle class! We are worried daily about our new car, with our installment of mortgage, with our vacations, with our credit card and our guaranteed check that we forget that the country is in war… yes, a declared war, where the violence is without limit, where the bestiality reigns, where the corruption is the master, but all the state apparatus is there for placing hot cloths. The chains are crowded? It is not our problem. The chains are rotten and the prisoners die as flies? Also it is not our problem. The judiciary system is so other people's to the reality that has much imprisoned people without conviction, or same that has fulfilled the penalty? It swims we have with this. The PCC is present in almost all the States and is almost as a parallel power in Brazil? It does not interest, I want I am to take beer in my Happy Hour… But who is that couple that dared to cross the border of social classes, and to practise a barbarity that apparently is only confined to the peripheries and bloody pages of tabloids of a penny? How they dare to make homerical bullshit of these, spotting the name of the quarter, the name of the city, the name of the college? How they `had gone down `to such level of pervertion and savagery? Fuck´them all! They all it severity of the Law! All the example will not be enough! All penalty will be weak excessively for idiots who had tried to fish for our mediocre life the private dullness to the ones without, to the ones without that, to the such taken off shirt that of time in when they say in the TV. Unfortunetly that we do not have the death penalty, so that they more learn not to move with perfect and total mentally ill ours little world. And who will be that it leaves today in the thick wall?

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